The Book

I have decided (after a lot of thinking and prodding) that I am going to start the brainstorming for the book. I am going to need a lot of support in this process. It is time to start a new chapter in my life, one that involves my family (especially my wife) even more. You may have noticed that my Facebook account is gone and I feel good about it. There was just way too much negativity on it, and quite frankly it was depressing me. I am and always will be a Republican, a Missouri Tigers fan, a Kansas City Chiefs and Royals fan, and a diehard Saints fan for 28 years. I really dont need anyone telling me how bad my team or political party is. I am involved enough, that I know how many Championships they have won in my lifetime. I am spending more time teaching my kids how to be an asset to society when they get older, spends nights in Topeka, so my wife doesnt have to drive home, and being there for my family, friends, and neighbors. Writing this book will give me an outlet and a hobby that is both healthy and thought provoking. The humor that was on Facebook will be in the book, I promise!


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