Why Babies Don’t Sleep At Night

So I figured out today why babies don’t sleep through the night and why they wake up their parents.  It is simply because the child is feeding off of a parents brain in the middle of the night.  Eventually the parent has no brain left to feed on, so the child has no need to keep waking up in the middle of the night.  At this point; green beans, sweet potatoes, and peas during the day will suffice.  Just a quick thought.  I am getting ready to hit the ground running on this whole blog thing very soon.



  1. So, Mr.Stayathomedadchronicles, (could you pick a longer URL next time, please?)

    Like yourself, I am soon to be a dad caring for two kids on my own from time to time. Wondering if you might have some specific advice:

    – I’ve heard you’re a great cook. Unfortunately, I am not. What are some good resources for learning?

    – what are some core meals and snacks you rely on?

    – this’ll be my first time with a newborn – any tips in general on diapers, feeding, etc.?

    – any other advice you can administer that may help me retain a moderate level of sanity would also be appreciated.

    Yeah, I know I’m asking you to write a book. But it’s not like you don’t have copious amounts of free time…

    Truly yours,
    Mr. Nightsathomedad

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