Why I Started This Blog!

I decided that after 6 months of being a stay a home dad, that it was time to start this blog. My goal is to get this in to a website with useful info for dads as well as other pertinent info that men want..i.e. sports stories, news, beer ratings and reviews, cigar reviews, grilling tips and whatever else comes up. Plus I am getting really tired of seeing commercials that thank moms and put them on a higher pedestal that dads. Don’t get me wrong; moms deserve a ton of credit, but so do we! The other thing that bothers me is the Neanderthal commercials that are driven toward men and make us out to be idiots. I’m sorry, all the men that I know that are dads and even the ones that aren’t yet, are upstanding citizens and deserve better than that. So enjoy this blog for now and start throwing suggestions my way about what you would like to see on the new site.


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